Jaipur – the myriad colors of the pink city


So, here I was, on an early groggy morning, aboard the Ajmer Shatabdi enroute to Jaipur! I had heard so much about the sights and smells of the pink city, almost had a sense of familiarity with the place I had never seen before. You pretty much know what to expect – the Hawa Mahal and the walled city, the Amer Fort, the dazzling colors abound – but in its own subtle and charming way, the city still sprung a lot of pleasant surprises….here is the city as seen by me over a hurried weekend, hope to be back there soon!

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1. An early morning stroll up Amer Fort! The majestic fort is a must see on any traveller’s list

Jaipur - Selected-1-012


2. The mystical Jal Mahal off the sparkling waters. Wish they allowed one to go inside this complex!

Jaipur - Selected-1-32


3. Hawkers selling souvenirs take a break!

Jaipur - Selected-1-35


4. The Indian stereotype – the snake charmer to regale tourists at Amer Fort

Jaipur - Selected-1-33


5. Its showtime! – Rajasthani puppets for sale

Jaipur - Selected-1-16


6. The quintessential walled city, the city had been freshly painted and the pink had been replaced by a brick red shade

Jaipur - Selected-1-31


7. The freedom movement revisited – marble artefact shop at Bhindon ka Bazaar

Jaipur - Selected-1-24


8. The spicy namkeen sold off the streets!

Jaipur - Selected-1-19


9. And somewhere in the narrow alleys of Jaipur

Jaipur - Selected-1-39


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