2 thoughts on “Malaysia through six images

  1. Traveled to Langkawi, Genting, and KL in Jan 2012. Good fun-filled and relaxing as well, the 7-8 days we spent. Langkawi’s peaceful charm would make you envious, there seems so much time at hand to do whatever one wants to. KL is a very modern city and the way the whole city rather country has grown with the three dominant ethnic religion Malay, Chinese, and Tamil is really a case study for countries still fighting rather than treading the path of economic prosperity.
    I have had couple of official visits in past as well to KL and Genting, and everytime the development is visible and obvious. Although KL may not be as popular as Thailand or Singapore or Hongkong, it is still visited by millions from world over simply due to the government’s aggressive tourism development and promotional programs.
    And for Indians, there is no dearth of Indian restaurants.

    1. Thanks Sanju for sharing your experience. I had visited Langkawi in 2011 and stayed at the Rebak island, was a great experience! I have been to KL twice as well, and my favourite spot is the garden outside KLCC, especially when the KL towers twinkle at dusk.

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