Snippets from Budapest

Europe, Hungary

I did not have as much time in Budapest as I would have liked to spend. The good part is I got to see different elements of the city. Here are a few images.


Matthias Church in Budapest was damaged during WWII and served as a camp for Soviet and Germans during the Soviet Occupation of Hungary. It was later renovated between the 50s and the 70s.


The first bridge across the Danube in Budapest opened in 1849, its called the chain bridge


Taking the Budapest Castle Hill Funicular to visit the Buda Castle above


There are two contrasting sides to Budapest. The bridges, the churches, leafy roads, the river Danube make for a pretty picture. A little beyond, the vestiges of the Soviet era emerge, staid, straight and grimy.


View of Buda atop Castle Hill


A balcony made interesting with life size cut outs

A balcony made interesting with life size cut outs